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Whether you’re in the market for septic tank pumping, septic system repair, or septic system installation in Sherwood, Oregon, we can help.

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    Hire a Sherwood septic tank services team that takes pride in what they do and how they do it. As a third-generation business operating in Sherwood, Oregon since 1959, Byers Septic Tank Service is just that. The work we do, we do well, with respect for our customers and their property.

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    We have four primary services we provide for our Sherwood customers.

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    Sherwood Septic Tank Pumping Services

    When the team from Byers Septic Tank Service arrives to pump out your septic tank, the first thing they will do is locate the access lid to your tank (usually a plastic, fiberglass, or concrete cover). Then the pumping begins, which tends to last about half an hour, depending on tank size. Pumping may also involve some cleaning of the septic tank, especially where larger amounts of grease and solid waste are encountered.

    After pumping, we get everything back to looking how it was before we arrived and dispose of the waste at the county wastewater treatment center. This whole process usually takes less than an hour on-site, unless there are complicating factors.

    Are you ready to get your Sherwood septic tank pumped? Get in touch to schedule a time for our trucks to come to you.

    How Sherwood Septic Tank Services Help Avoid the Consequences of Failing to Pump a Septic Tank

    When a septic tank is not pumped out regularly, eventually solid waste ends up filling the tank, making it impossible for the natural decay processes to take place and pushing solid waste down the system where it’s not meant to be. This not only can cause significant damage to the drainfield components, but also makes septic tank pumping significantly more difficult. A septic tank pump truck works best when the ratio of solid to liquid waste is 30% or less – more than this, and additional measures may be required to get the tank fully clean.

    This means that the consequences of failing to pump a septic tank on time are usually more money out of your pocket, and perhaps a gross mess. Dealing with a septic tank situation may be the last thing you’re wanting to spend time on right now, but it’s not something you can afford to put off.

    Our team tries, if possible, to be at your property within a day for septic tank pumping. If you have an emergency situation, we will do everything we can to be there on the same day. Give us a call to schedule septic tank services in Sherwood now.

    How to Tell When Your Sherwood Septic Tank Needs to be Pumped

    The easiest and wisest course of action is to use a table such as the one below to regularly schedule the pumping of your septic tank.

    Septic Tank Pumping Frequency in Years

    Household Size
    Number of Occupants

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Tank Size

    Septic Tank Pumping Frequency (Years)

    500 5.8 2.6 1.5 1.0 0.7 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1
    1000 12.4 5.9 3.7 2.6 2.0 1.5 1.2 1.0 0.8 0.7
    1500 18.9 9.1 5.9 4.2 3.3 2.6 2.1 1.8 1.5 1.3
    2000 25.4 12.4 8.0 5.9 4.5 3.7 3.1 2.6 2.2 2.0
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    However, if tables aren’t your thing, there are other, less convenient ways to tell that your septic tank needs to be pumped. Unfortunately, when many of these things happen, you won’t have much time to get your septic tank serviced, so keep our number handy!

    • Visual Inspection
    • In the case of septic systems with easy-to-access septic tanks, brave homeowners can go check the level of sewage in the tank themselves. Of course, this is not very helpful if you don’t know what it looks like for your septic tank to be “full.” We may be able to help you perform a successful visual inspection if you give us a call.
    • Backed-Up or Gurgling Drains
    • This is a commonly occurring sign of a backed up septic system. When plunging doesn’t seem to help, it is entirely possible that the backup in your toilet is caused not by the toilet itself but by the septic tank needing service. If this is the case for you, call us today!
    • Alarms
    • Many systems are equipped with alarms, whose function is to indicate a mechanical failure in the tank. If you hear an alarm on your septic tank going off, it may mean that you have had a pump system failure.

    Sherwood Commercial Holding Tank Pumping

    If you own a commercial property in Sherwood which is not connected to sewer services due to location and does not have a septic system due to space limitations, you likely have a holding tank for waste. Good news: our pump trucks are fully equipped to handle your waste removal needs! Get in touch today to arrange service.

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    Septic System Repair & Replacement

    If you have a septic system to handle sewage disposal, there will be times repair or even replacement will be needed. For quick evaluation and help, give us a call today.

    Common Causes for Sherwood Septic System Repair or Replacement

    The primary regular need for Sherwood septic system services is pumping – a tank which is overdue will often show itself in backed-up plumbing and gurgling sounds. But there are other situations which require maintenance to keep your septic system operating like it should, and can even result in symptoms like those of an overfull septic tank.


    Tank leaks are a major problem, whether they result in waste leaking out of the tank or groundwater seeping in through cracks (as can be the case with older concrete septic tanks), or rusted-out portions (as occurs frequently with old steel septic tanks). Unfortunately, leaks in a septic tank cannot be repaired in most cases – the whole tank needs to be removed and replaced. Contact us to learn more about how to determine if a leak is present, and what you can do about it.

    Roots or Clogs

    Tree roots and clogs can cause backups in sewer lines and drainfield pipes. Once we have detected the problem, our team will attempt to clean out the damaged portion of pipe and replace it if necessary. To avoid further damage, we can also recommend a tree service to remove offending plants.

    Float Repair

    If you have a septic system with a pump, there will be one or more floats in a septic tank which control various aspects of the tank’s operations. When a float fails, an alarm will be triggered so it can be fixed and further damage can be avoided. Septic tank floats can be replaced as a separate component.

    If you’re concerned your septic system may be affected by one or more of these failures, let us help.

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    Sherwood Septic Tank Replacement

    Septic tanks are designed to last for decades, but certainly not forever. There will come a time at which every septic tank will need replacing. Particularly at risk are old-style steel septic tanks, which are prone to developing rust holes.

    We can install a replacement plastic, concrete, or fiberglass conventional septic tank in a variety of volumes to meet your needs. Often, septic tank replacement does not require drainfield replacement, keeping costs down. There are also great alternative wastewater treatment products we can guide you through. Get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection and learn about your options.

    Drainfield Repair & Replacement

    If a drainfield has been misused or mismanaged, or is simply at the end of its useful life, replacement is often the only option. Our crew can install a whole new drainfield to get your household back to normal.

    Repairing Other Septic System Components

    There are several other septic system components that we are happy to provide repair and replacement services for. Here are some of the more common situations:

    Septic Tank Risers

    A riser is a covered tube that allows for easy access into the tank itself. While some risers are concrete, many are PVC and fiberglass – you can recognize them by their dark green lid. We often recommend installing a riser for any of our customers with older, completely buried septic tanks.

    Septic System Pumps

    For Sherwood septic systems which cannot rely on gravity to move liquid waste from the septic tank to the drainfield, a pump is required. If this pump goes out, the septic tank will fill and cause backup. Our Sherwood septic tank services team can replace any dead or dying septic pump.

    Septic Tank Alarms

    Alarms going off on a septic tank don’t mean “I’m full!” Rather, they are indicators of a component malfunction in the tank. But don’t spend the time worrying about what’s causing the alarm – give us a call so we can diagnose and repair whatever’s at the root of the problem and get it fixed.

    Image of Byers Sherwood Septic Tank Services at work

    Sherwood Septic Tank Installation

    Byers Septic Tank Service is an expert in planning and installing septic tanks and entire septic systems for our Sherwood, Oregon clients. If you are looking to build a new septic system on your residential or commercial property, we have the experience, expertise, and resources to do everything from studies and permits through to installation. Contact us to get started.

    The Process of Septic System Installation

    If you’re in the market for a new septic system in Sherwood, you will likely be interested in how the process works, and how we help from start to finish. Here it is:

    1. Soil Feasibility Study

    County government regulates the installation of septic systems, and the first thing they require is a soil feasibility study. In this process, a test pit is dug up and an official comes to evaluate the suitability of the soil for absorbing and filtering effluent, or liquid waste. The quality of the soil will determine in large part the size of drainfield required for the septic system to work appropriately. When you contract with Byers Septic Tank Service, we take care of ordering this study and working with the county to build a system which fits the soil.

    2. System Design

    Our experienced team of septic system pros uses the results of the soil analysis along with household data and equipment specs to develop plans for a system that will work great for you – whether that’s a conventional system or an advanced treatment system. We prepare the design and submit plans to the county for approval.

    3. Septic System Permits

    Working with the county, we manage any difficulties with the plans we have developed to ensure that the project obtains all necessary permits and can proceed legally.

    4. Material Ordering

    Working through our long-time contacts in the septic tank industry, we arrange for the delivery of the materials needed to install your septic tank and drainfield.

    5. Septic System Installation

    Finally, we dig out and install the septic tank and drainfield and connect them to each other and to the house. Your system is ready to go!

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    Types of Septic System Available in Sherwood

    There are two varieties of septic system that we can install for our Sherwood, Oregon customers.


    As the name implies, this is our standard system which is less expensive and works perfectly if the soil conditions are right for a full-sized drainfield, and there is the space for it.

    Alterative Treatment Technology

    If space is lacking for a conventional septic system we can install an alternative: an Orenco AdvanTex treatment system. This product acts like a sewage treatment plant for an individual residence. It cleans sewage on-site to the point where it can be released into the soil. While the initial installation cost is greater than a standard system, alternative treatment technology has a much smaller footprint and may be installed closer to the water table. Learn more about how the system works by watching the video below.

    Byers Septic Tank Service uses Orenco AdvanTex Wastewater Treatment System Technology

    Commercial Holding Tank Planning and Installation

    Certain commercial properties may not be able to access sewer services, and also not have a lot of room for a full-blown septic system. Holding tanks are the answer! These tanks simply hold waste until it can be pumped out and hauled away for treatment. If this is your situation, get in touch to learn how we can help.

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    Same-Day Emergency Septic System Services for the Sherwood Area

    Like with all home emergencies, septic systems don’t schedule their breakdowns at convenient times. If you have a septic system emergency in Sherwood, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We promise to get to you as soon as we can – usually within a day.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Byers Sherwood Septic Tank Services

    How long does it take to install a new septic tank?
    It takes about a week from groundbreaking to initial operation, and more if you include the process of developing plans and acquiring permits.
    What permits are required to install a new septic tank?
    The county the job site is located in will regulate septic systems. An initial soil feasibility test must be conducted before a system can be designed and all other permits obtained. When we install a septic system, we take care of all the testing and permits so you don’t have to deal with anything.
    What size septic tank will I need?
    This depends primarily on the number of bedrooms in your household. The more people in the house, the larger the tank and drainfield.
    How much does a septic system installation cost?
    Costs depend on a variety of factors such as size of the system, soil conditions, and material of the tank, so unfortunately, we cannot give a number here. Give us a call for a consultation about your unique situation.
    What is a septic system and how does it work?
    A septic system stores solid waste for later removal and transport to a waste treatment plant, and allows liquid waste to be released safely into the ground. A conventional septic system has two main parts: septic tank and drainfield. The septic tank filters out solid waste and allows it to break down safely until it can be pumped out, while passing on liquid waste to the drainfield, which distributes it into the soil to be filtered and reused.
    Are there alternatives to septic systems?
    There are a variety of alternatives on the market today. Our preferred system is the Orenco Advantex Wastewater Treatment System. Click here to learn more.
    Where do you take the waste you pump from a septic tank?
    Everything we pump goes to the county sewage treatment plant, same as it would if your house or commercial property were connected directly to the public sewer. Currently, we are applying for a permit to recycle the material we pump by treating it and using it as agricultural fertilizer, which would be a pretty exciting development.
    How often should a septic tank be pumped?
    The range on this service can be 1-30 years, depending on the number of people making use of the septic system and the size of the septic tank. See the information above for more details, or get in touch.
    Do septic tank additives reduce the need for septic tank pumping?
    Not at all. They might somewhat speed the decay of solid waste, but that will not substitute for regular pumping.
    How long does it take to pump a septic tank from start to finish?
    Generally about an hour, but this depends on factors such as ease of access, volume of the tank, and how long it’s been since the tank has been pumped last.

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